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Fresh Start


When you feel great, you do great! Start change from within - microgreens are a superfood, and the most nutrition-packed way to eat produce. Why buy bags of salad, when the mini version has the same if not more nutrient content! They have 4-50x more nutrients than their mature counterparts, depending on variety.


Each time you order a box - 10% of each sale gets sent to the Freshwater Furniture Depot in Waconia, to help pay delivery fees  so at-risk families can pick out clean furniture for their new, safe housing.

Fresh Start Concepts is all about finding the unique boldness already within you and creating opportunities to show up for it.  Remind yourself and those around you that the world needs the powerhouse within each of us!  New options are available every month! 


Shop our simple but unique merch - 10% of each sale gets sent to Women to Women International - a super cool world organization that invests in women who are survivors of war and conflict, equipping them with social and economic skills unique to their area that show them they are visible and valued - creating grassroots community change.

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