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Microgreens are a superfood, and is the most nutritionally-dense way to eat vegetables. They a packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, giving our bodies what they need for functions such as weight management, skin and hair growth, many anti-cancer benefits, blood sugar management, as well as many other health benefits. Eat them as a snack, on a burger or sandwich, in a smoothie, on an entree, or anything else you are already eating! Instead of buying multiple bags of salad, microgreens offer the same if not more nutrition in mini-size!

Ours are hand grown in a coconut coir soil medium for maximum nutrition using zero chemicals and non-GMO seed.  Locally grown in Watertown, MN, our microgreens are hand cut the morning our customers receive them!  Pick up is available at locations in Watertown, Mound, Waconia, and Chaska throughout the week, year-round.  Our produce is organically grown, and we even use #5 plastic  grow trays, which are carcinogen-free.

$5 per 2oz clamshell

Our most popular is the weekly color mix, which changes every week depending on crop availability.  It includes 2-3 microgreen varieties.

2oz clamshells of a single crop are also available.

Varieties we love to grow and always have on hand: pea tendrils, sunflower, buckwheat, popcorn, dill, radish, salad mix, chervil, basil, cress, beet, mustard, cilantro, wheatgrass, arugula, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, melon, carrot, and fenugreek

Feel free to ask what varieties are available this week!

If you are a local restaurant that is interested in microgreens, please reach out for our Fresh Sheet! Unlike most growers, I am able to offer no minimum order to you!

Thank you for sourcing locally!

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