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Family Mediation

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A Different Mediation Experience

When I went through mediation for my divorce, I was left feeling unheard, unresolved, and I still carried a lot of resentment. Most mediation is like mine - facilitative, and most mediators are lawyers. The mediator lets parties argue until a "compromise" is reached - which, in my experience, meant one party...just gives up.

I knew there had to be a better way. Our kids deserved parents that could learn to work together on their behalf, while having a dignified experience.

I am a Certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Neutral in Minnesota, specializing in Restorative Mediation. Restorative Mediation helps parties come to their own resolution - without pressure, while showing and receiving respect, and being guided through the process by a Neutral. Through Restorative Mediation, you'll learn skills that will allow you to co-parent or move on with dignity in this new, often stressful season of life and beyond, while restoring a full life as it means to each individual group member.

Personally coming from an abuse background, I can facilitate these difficult relationships as well. Often mediated in different rooms or days, parties will conclude our time feeling heard and respected. I can also mediate via Zoom.

I specialize in :​

  • Dissolution / Divorce

    • Child custody​

    • Child support

    • Parenting time / Child visitation

    • Post-dissolution matters

  • General Family Matters

    • ​Families and extended families in conflict​​

    • ​Elder care planning

    • Youth accountability


Our courts are not designed to see emotions, feelings, or special situations. They prefer parties handle that outside the courtroom, giving them a ready-made plan to grant. Mediation allows families to work through matters in a way that makes sense to them, and I aim to equip families to work better together, even when apart, and know that they are heard.

The small print:

Cost is $75 per hour, per mediator. Especially high conflict matters may require two mediators to establish community / team / safe feel. Court filing, legal fees for a lawyer's eyes on the paperwork before filing, and your optional lawyers are extra. My goal is to complete your agreement and file for under $2k - which is still under the starting point of a lawyer's retainer. High conflict cases may exceed that goal, but should still see resolution with a very reasonable investment, well under lawyer cost, and taking your unique situation into account at every turn.

I have offices in Excelsior, Norwood-Young America, and online. I am qualified to mediate in all 50 American States.

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