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Fresh Start Concepts, LLC is a job training and transitional situation employment opportunity.
Interested in working with us?  Email us your resume or a short explanation of your situation, and we will contact you, answer your questions, and determine if we are a good fit together.

Fresh Start Concepts, LLC collaborates with other local small businesses to get the job done!  If you are a local tradesperson or business that works on homes and is licensed and insured, email us so we can answer your questions and determine if you and FSC could work well together.

Move-Out Overhaul

Great for those moving, downsizing parents, picking up after tenants, or after a loved one passes.  Flexible and a la carte options to fit your unique needs!

We'll pack up and donate anything not going with you.

We'll clean your home so it's sale (or rental deposit) ready.

We can work with a variety of tradespeople to complete the transformation - handymen, licensed tradesmen, painters, landscapers, etc.  All are local small businesses that are personally vetted by us, licensed, insured, and ready to help with needed projects.

Liquidating Estates

We have extensive experience with the emotional side of managing an estate, especially after a loved-one passes, or while you downsize to leave a home you raised your kids in.  Let us handle some of the details, with a la carte options to meet your unique needs.

After the family has secured items not for sale, our team will stage, clean, advertise, and manage the full life of the sale.

We'll advertise and sell using a variety of modern avenues, tailored to the most effective ways to maximize profit for each particular collection and location.

We'll pack up and locally donate anything that doesn't sell.

We'll clean your home so it's sale ready after the sale, if the estate manager(s) choose(s).

Unlike most estate liquidating companies, we do not have a minimum worth threshold.  There is a lot that managing an estate entails, and if we are able to take some of the details off your plate, we would be happy to help.

Organization Projects

Perfect for the person who needs a quick jump-start in their home, or someone experiencing a life stage transition.

Organize one area, or several!  Our organizers work tandem with you to determine the best way to fit your unique needs.  Each organized area will serve you and your family better, save you time and money later, and give your home a fresh start.


We will also haul away project trash and locally donate items no longer serving you or your home.

One Time Cleaning / Packing

Great for those in a transitioning life stage, or just need a reset.

Get back on track quickly by having us declutter and clean a room, or your entire home.

We'll pack up and locally donate anything not serving you anymore.

We'll clean your home so you can have a fresh start.

Give the Gift of a Fresh Start

Give the gift of a fresh start to someone - whether it's cleaning, decluttering, organizing...let them chose where they could best use a Fresh Start!

Available in any amount and valid for one year.

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Local Home Tradesperson?

Whether you are a local plumber, painter, roofer, handyman, landscaper, home stager, realtor, or other home tradesperson,


We are a pipeline for

local small business.

Email us about your work!

Local, licenced & insured

small businesses only, please.

We Are
Currently Hiring!

Fresh Start Concepts, LLC provides job training and transitional work opportunities.

If you would like to be considered for employment with us, please email us your resume and an essay telling us your situation.

If you have a barrier in writing a resume, let us know and we can help you.

Job Training - disability, teen, mental differences, probation, rehabilitation, etc

Transitional employment - single parent, displaced worker, housing pending, or other reason short-term employment is needed.

Current Openings

Furniture movers (2), Cleaners (4), Homegood packers (3),

Visual Organizer (1), Estate stagers (2)

Competitive pay and

very flexible scheduling.

Email us

your resume/unique story to learn more.

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